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Gain access to Australia's leading promo-based horse racing tipping service, profitable since 2017.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Access Our Selections & Staking Strategy

Our data driven strategy is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Our modelling allows us to adapt quickly to maintain consistent results. With an IW Racing membership you gain access to Australia's best horse racing tips to put you on the road to financial independence.

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Teach A Man To Fish... Well, You Get The Idea.

We are the bookmakers number one enemy and we'll help you join us in dominating their markets. We'll not only equip you with the bets to cause them pain but we'll also give you the mindset and methods that you need to make consistent long term profits every single year!

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Become A Part Of A Community That Thinks Like You

You are not alone in this venture. You will also have access to a Community comprised of members who have been with us for 5 years or more. Your questions are ready to be answered by the most experienced Betting Community on the planet.

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Your Own Dedicated 1-On-1 Success Mentor

Have questions? Need answers? 1-1 mentorship is only ever a call away. Our experienced Account Manager's are here to guide you on your journey and give you the support you require. Your success is our success.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Students learn to make money while making money. Once you are inside, we'll immediately focus on making you earn your first profits as soon as possible.


With no experience in our program, Blake wanted to learn of a way to make his dad more money. His dad was so successful that he started doing it himself. Here's what he had to say…

Blake B


I tried other tippers, but none of them were ever as consistent as Imperial Wealth. While other tippers hit $2 favorites, IW hits $10+ horses all the time.

Matt S

Our Quantitative Data Analysis Transforms Numbers On The Screen Into Numbers In Your Bank Account... Fast!

Get the Data


We pay a premium for the most extensive data on all horses in the race across 50+ verticals.

Develop the Equations


We run the data through our proprietary equations to establish the anticipated results of the horse.

Get the True Odds


We then stack the horses against each other with our competition formula to assess the true odds it is to win.

Compare Bookmaker Odds to Find +EV


We compare the true odds with bookmaker prices to discover our lucrative +EV edge.

Profit Long Term Guaranteed


Combine our staking with the bookmaker odds that exceed the true odds. You will always profit long term.

Three Key Ingredients To Be A Winning Thoroughbred Investor

1. Establish horses true odds


2. Expose market inefficiency


3. Stake accordingly to found edge and exploit inefficiency


Find the right price for you.

What's Included

No Lock in Contracts

No Cancellation Fees

Full Ongoing Support

How Does Our Profit Guarantee Work?
OPTION 1Monthly Package

If you don't profit within your first 8 weeks on the monthly package, we will refund all subscription fees paid to us by you!

OPTION 2Quarterly Package

If you don't profit 30 units from our quarterly package, we will refund all subscription fees paid to us by you!

Automate With Our IWR Bot

Don’t be a slave to your computer, use our bots to automate all of your IWR bets.

We all know that industrial systematic betting can be time consuming and can pull you away from other commitments, especially considering the main racing day of the week is Saturday. Our IWR Bot is the ultimate solution to give you the freedom to enjoy your weekends while making you passive income all year long. 

The IWR Bot differs from IWR Classic in many ways but you’ll have the benefit of choosing either system when you sign up to IW Racing. Whether you’re interested in manual betting and enjoying a big day of racing with IWR Classic or you want to head to the Zoo with your kids and let our IWR Bot place all of the bets for you.


Over 80 bookmakers to choose from


Never miss a winner again!


Give yourself back the most precious resource, time


Higher profit on turnover (POT) than IWR Classic.


Similar betting approach & method used by our 7 figure syndicates.


Scale seamlessly through multiple sets of accounts without the hassle.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

We're Driven By Client Success

I've been with IW for couple years and…

I've been with IW for couple years and its been the best investment ive made, making over 5 figures annually. The IW team and members are all really helpful and are one of the reason ive stayed long term even though I didn’t contribute much in the team chat. Started off with elites course then ck sports and racing. On the middles course now and hopefully bigger things soon. Will be looking into 6 figures in the next 1-2 years. High recommend!


Still have questions? Let's chat!We're here for you.

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