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Know Our Crypto Strategy

Imperial Wealth has spent years defining the best approach to capitalising on Cryptocurrency.

The truth is that it involves a mixture of Cryptocurrency mining, trading and DeFi.

Build Your Bitcoin Mining Farm

Long Term Income

By purchasing Bitcoin Mining machines you force the top end of your portfolio to be exposed to the cryptocurrency industry over approximately 4 years. This is essential as many investors make the mistake of buying cryptocurrency at the top of the market and therefore only experience losses for the first few years of investment.


Furthermore, a Bitcoin Mining investment is passive. You do not need to manage the investment as you can host your miners at our facility. All you need to do is pay your power bills and let the Bitcoin land in your wallet daily.


Your mining investment is also highly scalable. You can start with one miner and scale all the way to having thousands of miners. There is very little limitation to how many miners you can add to your mining farm.

Forced DCA Strategy

By purchasing Bitcoin mining hardware, you are forcing yourself to buy/mine Bitcoin everyday, therefore you are acheiving a dollar cost average strategy as you are aquiring Bitcoin at all price levels not one.



Now that you have a sizeable mining farm, you should be earning a solid amount of Bitcoin every day. For your first year of mining, it is unlikely that you will sell any or much of your Bitcoin, however as you get into your later years of mining you will probably experience the opportunity to sell your Bitcoin at very favourable prices.

In your first few years of stacking your Bitcoin (HOLDING) you should spend your spare time educating yourself. Investing in cryptocurrency and managing a well structure cryptocurrency portfolio are to very separate things. Simply being told by a influencer or a firend at a bar to buy a coin in hope that it will go up is not right way to invest in cryptocurrency.

First you should spend as much of your spare time on reading free educational content. Imperial Wealth have a whole Knowledge Center full of educational content which is designed to bring your understanding up to speed. Get through all of this content first, then you can move on to our Trading Courses which will teach you how to understand and invest in cryptocurrency markets.


Now that you are educated, you need to start conducting your own research. That doesn't mean you have to do it all on your own, but it means you need to actually stay up to date with expert analysis as well as comit some time to checking into the projects you are invested in.

Imperial Wealth recognise that the average investor doesn't have time to

A) Research every project out there

B) Understand tokenomics and fundamental analysis enough to pick the right projects

C) Have the technical charting skills to make good entries and exits Therefore Imperial Wealth Crypto have a trading service called the Trading Academy which gives you access to all of our research, education, charts, tips and market updates.

The Trading Academy is designed to hand deliver the research and analysis that you need, all you need to do is read it and follow it.


Your Once you start diversifying your portfolio, it is essential to maintain a solid structure. To often do investors have a couple of big wins on low cap coins and think that its "easy money". Often this leads investors to chasing big wins and ultimately getting caught out on market turn arounds.

Maintaining a solid portfolio structure is critical. When the market is rallying you can afford to shift more capital towards lower cap moon shot projects. But when liquidity and credit are tightening, you need to be cautious of not over exposing yourself.

The Trading Academy will keep your portfolio structured if you follow it, but ultimately its up to you to remain discipline and calculated.


Finally, you need to ensure you are actively managing your portfolio. If you are a time poor investor, then you need to first structure your portfolio in a certain way that allows you to not have to check in on the markets daily.

Alternatively, if you have a bit more time on your hands, perhaps you can afford to get into some faster moving and more volatile projects.

Management of your portfolio should become routine and consistent, it doesn't matter if that means checking in once a month or daily, as long as your portfolio is structured accordingly, then you will set yourself up success.


Long Term Income

DEFI is not an entry level skill requirement for cryptocurrency investing. Too many beginner investors get sucked in by the hype behind DeFi and they lack the skills or experience to truly capitalise on it. Understanding tokenomics, financial markets, liquidity, governance, asset briding, yield farming and so much more is extremely important before even dipping your toes in this field.

Imperial Wealth have developed a DeFi Trading Course which teaches you everything you need to know before investing. If you have already set up your mining farm and have structured your crypto portfolio, then you are ready to start capitalising on DeFi.


Plain and simple, DeFi is high risk and high reward. Timing is everything, and having the correct skills to efficiently shift your liquidity to the highest yielding asset pools whilst taking on as minimal risk as possible is essential.

Achieving a profitable and well structured DeFi portfolio is very difficult without having the right education and experience behind you. Don't let this shy you away though, because if you do spend the time educating yourself and practicing your skills, then the opportunity that DeFi can open you up to is extremely substantial.


The age old investment tip "If its too good to be true, then it probably is" can often be wrong in the DeFi world.

It is very possible to earn 300-1000% through yield farming, but you need to know what you are doing and you need to get the timing right.

It is even possible to take on 0 mathematical risk and still open yourself up to serious profit through strategies like airdrop farming, yield farm arbitrage and many more strategies.

Ignoring DeFi and placing it in the "Too hard basket" could be one of the most costly investment decisions you ever make. However rushing into DeFi without the correct education and experience could be just as costly. We strongly recommend investors only engage in this space after they have completed our DeFi trading course.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Students learn to make money while making money. Once you are inside, we'll immediately focus on making you earn your first profits as soon as possible.

Confidently Trade and Profit with IW Crypto!

After going through the course, and having the proper guidance from Mitchell, I have not only had extra confidence, but I have been able to map out my own trades and really see them hit their take profit levels. So if you are an unprofitable trader or just thinking about getting started then I completely recommend checking out the IW Crypto Day trading Course.

  1. - Day Trading Course Student


Crypto novices rejoice!

Although Crypto is all new to me, everything is easy to follow, everything is explained in the videos and the team is all willing to help out. I am confident that I will catch up to everyone in the space and I highly recommend IW Crypto to everyone looking to get involved.

  1. - Hosted Bitcoin Miners
  1. - Day Trading Course Student



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