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We utilise sports promotions, arbitrage & middle bets to build positive expected value sports tips for our members, giving you the edge over the bookmakers to guarantee long-term profits.


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Since our conception we have turned a starting bankroll of $500 into over $50,000 since 2018. Using this system will allow you to gain the ultimate sports betting edge over the bookmakers.

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Low risk with a huge reward

Get immediate access to our “Low-risk sports tips” that includes “double-payout bets, promo dutching, arbitrage bets, middle/side bets, head to head multis & same game multis”. All of which will raise your betting game to new heights. All of our tips are shared in our exclusive members’ community space. What are you waiting for?

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Stay ahead of the bookmakers

As a member, you'll gain access to our training videos which includes videos on how to follow the system, how to turn over bonus bets into cash & a sustainability course. This course assists you in maintaining your accounts so you can have a long betting career. Bookmakers' tactics have become more sophisticated and are more educated in our strategies than ever before; if you don't follow our tried and tested techniques to keep your accounts open, you are likely to find your betting accounts limited, or outright blocked.

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Become a part of a community that thinks like you

You will get access to the IW Sports live chat when a member. Our exclusive community is the best place in betting to find like-minded people who are also looking to make extra cash off the system. If you need help understanding where to find a bet, how to place it, or are just there to have a few celebration frostys, the community will have you covered.

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Gain lifetime access to a trading course that shapes the way you analyse middles and transform the way you trade.

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    Want to gain access to industry-leading tools? We've got a plethora of tools for you for free!


    We have over 10 calculators created by industry experts to help accelerate your journey and give you the IW edge.


    We collate promotions from all Australian bookmakers daily for you to save you hours of time.


    We know getting the best odds can be the difference between profit and loss. That why we created our odds comparison suite.


    With so many leagues, teams and events on-going, it can be hard to keep track when a season ends and another starts. We've got you covered.


    Want a taste of what's to come? Are you new to investing? We've developed a course just for you.

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    Each bookmaker is different, and knowing how the differ is key to long-term sustainability.

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    4-week profit guarantee.

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