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The ultimate low risk betting system that enables you to use bookmakers against each other without the need for promotions. Our unique middle betting system provides you with several advanced techniques that will provide you consistent profit for many years.

Welcome To The Middle Bets!

Our Middle Bet Accelerator system is an advanced investment resource that will teach you to make the most reliable middle bets in the game. With strategies for numerous sports and markets, there is plenty of money to be made.

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Learn From The Best In The Business

Designed by the world’s leading Middle expert OXY. This course is the next step of your low risk/high reward betting journey. OXY’s unique course teaches you how to identify and calculate the true probability of a middle bet to ensure you’re always betting with the odds in your favour, rather than the bookmakers.

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Learn The Sports & Markets

The course goes through a number of advanced techniques that teach you how to middle bet on numerous markets and sports all whilst maintaining the longevity of your accounts so you can be using these methods for many years to come. Learn where your effort is best placed.

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Join Like-Minded Investors

Join a community of like minded investors and fellow middle bettors. Use our exclusive Middles Channel to get alerted to middle bets by other members, receive expert advice from OXY and learn even more niche knowledge about middle betting. Be enabled to share your experiences with others and gain knowledge through collaboration with others. Your network is your networth!

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Risk vs Reward Of Our System vs Conventional Investing

You may think that middle betting is risky. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Middle betting is not gambling. If you compare middle betting to conventional investing:


Stocks, you might make 7-10% a year if you’re lucky but you’re completely exposed to market downturns.


Cryptocurrency, highly volatile and creates far more losers than winners.


Property, you need a lot of capital, it takes a long time to get decent ROI and you’re exposed to market downturns.

All of those investments are FAR more risky than middle betting and require far more capital to build momentum, whereas middle bettors can often turn $1000 into $20,000 within the first year with little to no risk.

Middle Betting VS Other Investments


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We know getting the best tips can be the difference between profit and loss. That is why we have a team full of betting analysts who are constantly researching the best bets to invest in.



We have over 10 calculators created by industry experts to help accelerate your journey and give you the IW edge.



We collate promotions from all Australian bookmakers daily for you to save you hours of time.



We know getting the best odds can be the difference between profit and loss. That why we created our odds comparison suite.



With so many leagues, teams and events on-going, it can be hard to keep track when a season ends and another starts. We've got you covered.



Want a taste of what's to come? Are you new to investing? We've developed a course just for you.


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Each bookmaker is different, and knowing how the differ is key to long-term sustainability.

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I've been with IW for couple years and its been the best investment ive made, making over 5 figures annually. The IW team and members are all really helpful and are one of the reason ive stayed long term even though I didn’t contribute much in the team chat. Started off with elites course then ck sports and racing. On the middles course now and hopefully bigger things soon. Will be looking into 6 figures in the next 1-2 years. High recommend!


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